Customer Categories

Customers of Waugh Foods enjoy working alongside our expert staff, most of whom have had years of experience in the foodservice industry themselves.  The level of dedication by all, from our driven sales team to our efficient warehouse team, helps drive greater profitability to our customers, which is our end goal.  At Waugh Foods, we are passionate about the need to work as a team with both our vendors and our customers in order for everyone to ultimately succeed.


Waugh Foods is focused on a concentrated group of customer types – primarily independent restaurants, schools, healthcare and B&I Feeders. Focusing around certain groups has given us the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of each market individually. 


Below are a few of our largest categories:


Today, the independent restaurant segment is our largest customer group.  Our independent customers trust the experience of Waugh Foods to deliver the quality products and services they need in a timely and personal manner.  The central location of our warehouse means we are always here and supporting our operators with a wide range of standard and value added services.
Waugh Foods is literally a one-stop shop for our independent operators.  Whether you're just starting up and looking to try menu items in our test kitchen, or you're an experienced operator looking to spice up marketing efforts, Waugh Foods has many services to help drive customers to your door and maximize profits.  Click here to see all the training and marketing services we have to offer.


The healthcare industry represents more than one-quarter of Waugh Foods' total yearly sales.  We have an experienced Healthcare Specialist on board to assist all healthcare accounts with nutritional menu breakdowns.  In addition, we offer seasonal menu themes and recipes.  For a complete guide to our healthcare offerings, click here.


The team at Waugh Foods has extensive experience working with a wide range of schools, from K-12 to Universities and University C-Stores.  We offer a full selection of products, commodity items, menu consultation and bid management services.