Winter Showcase Contest Winners

Operators who attended the show were to write their names on back of three new items they favored the most.  Then a drawing took place from the top three most favored items.  Winners will receive a free case of  the item they choose.  Information on the new products most favored is included.  You may want to try these new items as well!  Please contact your sales representative on how to order.

Rich's Creme Burlee

#1 Most Favored NEW Item

BRAND   DESCRIPTION                                   PACK SIZE

RICH’S     CREME BRULEE                               12/32 OZ
There’s nothing as satisfying as cracking the crust of a creme brulee.  Rich’s makes it easy to serve up this satisfaction.  Made with premium ingredients and frozen for freshness in 
pourable, operator-friendly packaging, this decadent delight brings valuable versatility to your menu.  Get creative with innovation as a dessert, beverage, or breakfast base.
Winner:  BARRACK’S CATER INN - 1 free case
Valley Meats Prime Rib Burger
Operator’s #2 Most Favored NEW Item
BRAND   DESCRIPTION                                       PACK SIZE
J&B          FRESH PRIME RIB BURGER 8 OZ        1/10#
This is the patty customers will come back for...a custom blend of Rib-eye and Sirloin.  The patty that cooks juices in and not out!  Just as the patty is formed, the meat is pushed through a plate that resembles a grinder plate.  Angled holes turn the meat in strands with space around each strand.  The patty retains its cooked shape better than standard patties because of the spaced strands.  The trapped spaces promote faster cooking because heat can penetrate quicker and more evenly, therefore retaining its shape during cooking with an even degree of doneness throughout.
Winner:  MAGNOLIAS - 1 free case
Farmland Spicy Italian Sausage
Operator’s #3 Most Favored NEW Item
BRAND      DESCRIPTION                                                                  PACK SIZE
Carando still adheres to their commitment to offer authentic Italian taste, but also uses the most effective processing techniques to ensue the natural goodness and flavor  of their pork products.  Pre-rigor Italian sausages feature mild herb flavors and are gluten-free with no MSG and no fillers.  Their versatility allows you to feature them in a variety of menu items in every daypart.  And their deliciously authentic and distinctive tastes will create a memorable eating experience for your customers.  Bring authentic Italian flavor to your menu!

Winner:  PEORIA PARK DISTRICT/GOLF - 1 free case


If interested in ordering, please contact your sales representative.